Are you having problems with your car? Do you want to find the fault WITHOUT having to pay up big money to the mechanics? TOTAL CAR DIAGNOSTICS may be what you are looking for.

Catering to WEST AND CENTRAL LONDON, we offer a full diagnosis of your car and tell you precisely what the problem is. No more need to go to a mechanic and pay over the top prices to have them find the fault. We can find the fault for you, so you know exactly what you want when you go to them, or even if ordering the part yourself! A lot of the time, you car problems would stem from something minor that can be fixed yourself. With our help, you can find the smallest causes and fix them, for a LOW price.

Do you have a car that needs servicing? Just check to see if your car make is listed below. If you see it, simply click on the name and see what we can offer you.

BMW breakdowns?
Ford faults?
Mercedes misbehavings?

What Total Car Diagnostics can do for you:

Professional Diagnostics:
Coverage, coverage, coverage. In the professional repair business getting as much coverage as you can get is important to effectively and quickly service any vehicle. We offer manufacturer specific options for BMW, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and Mazda group vehicles. Get more done with a single scan.
Clear your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Light:
Did you know the average cost of having your vehicle's Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator reset is £80? What if the only thing wrong with your vehicle is that the gas cap is loose? Don't waste your time or money when we can prevent needless trips to the dealer.
Tuning Your Vehicle:
We can read live sensors such as wide-band O2 sensors, fuel adaptation, MAF, ignition timing advance, and lambda readings. If your vehicle supports wide-band O2 sensors, we can show you real-time air/fuel mixtures. Finally, we can data log them all in TXT format with 1ms sampling accuracy, so that you have a copy of the fault report for reference.
If you suspect your car is suffing any problems, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll help you understand your car's needs.